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The Simple Golf Swing system is a professionally designed product that can teach you about achieving the most perfect, but simple golf swing. Developing a golf swing is like tweaking a race car. It requires time to make tweaks and help churn out a consistent form.

Golf is all about consistency and if your swing is always erratic and never sustained, your golf game will probably suffer. Most of your golf balls will go either left or right, but rarely straight down the fairway.

This program will help sculpt your swing to become more consistent and more simplistic as well as take away all of the useless movements you may have developed over the years.

Here is a Simple Golf Swing review that will help you identify if this is the right product for you.

The Simple Golf Swing Review

Who Created This System?

David Nevogt is the genius behind this product. This system was designed mainly for teaching the principles of having a good golf swing; however, he wanted this program to also teach others about golf and how to develop a total golf game.

David has been playing golf for many years. Because of his prior experience in this sport, he has absorbed the many facets of playing golf and has come up with the best techniques in order to create a good golf swing. He discovered several tactics that are universal and will work for every golfer.

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The Technique

The technique taught in this program involves five simple steps to a stronger, more simplistic golf swing. Anyone of any age can learn how to perform this golf swing because it is a reasonably simple swing to master.

Of course, you must continue to follow the steps even while playing and not just during practice. The technique is specifically for a full swing, but David helps you to strengthen each aspect of your game whether it is for chipping or for driving the fairway.

What Is Inside Of This Program?

From the moment that you register for this program, you receive an eBook that teaches you every step to a T. David showcases the simple process of crafting a golf swing that will help you hit farther along with developing a more consistent game.

Nevertheless, he knows that golf is a very visual sport so you can expect to find plenty of videos where he exhibits his techniques. When watching the swing process in a video, it becomes much easier to potentially emulate.

What Can Be Achieved

simple golf swing

After you begin to use this system, you will have a golf swing that will help you hit farther, straighter, stronger, and with more accuracy. A good consistent golf swing is a major component of any golf game. When playing on the course, this program will help you cultivate that perfect golf swing and provide you with the ability to play with consistency.

Many users have expressed their ability to better control their golf swings and definitely add more distance to their shots. You will find yourself hitting the ball with more power while maintaining your perfect golf swing each time you hit the ball regardless what type of shot you are hitting.

As a golfer, you need to perform well on each hole and get to the green with the least number of strokes. The slice and the hook are two common golf problems that most people need to learn to manage. David has the capability to cure these two difficulties in your swing.

Most golfers discover that getting the ball closer to the hole is much easier as they continue to practice using this entire golf system. This program has provided golfers with a method to improve their total golf game with precision and reliability.

PROS of the Simple Golf Swing

- Easy To Implement

It has been said by David himself that within approximately three hours, it is more than possible to grasp the basic technique of this simple golf swing. Because you can start to implement this golf swing quickly, golfers are excited to see the improvements in their swing so rapidly.

While it may take more time to develop consistency, you will not become frustrated with practicing this swing. This entire system is easy to follow and put into practice.

- It Is Affordable

Using this program is a much more affordable choice when compared to receiving one on one coaching. The cost of purchasing several videos and books is much less expensive and you still retain all of these informational materials to review at a later time.

- It Works

Bottomline, this system works. This is a proven system that can help almost anyone achieve a stronger golf swing through repetition and desire.

-It Saves Time

When considering the time element in learning a new golf swing, you may not see any progress in your shot for several months with private lessons. Plus, the cost of these lessons will continue to escalate. With this program, you know the exact cost right from the beginning.

-Valuable Bonuses

There are a minimum of ten special bonus packages that are included in the price of the initial program. These bonuses include information about putting, chipping, driving short balls and long balls, and much more.

simple golf swing

Cons of the Simple Golf Swing

- It Does Take Time

You cannot use this system for only a day and expect your golf swing to be perfect. After grasping this simple technique, it will take a reasonable amount of practice to begin hitting with confidence and accuracy.

In addition, mastering this golf swing depends upon how much time you can devote to learning the system. If you are able to follow the books and videos daily, but you can only practice on weekends, your game will not progress as rapidly as you may want.

- Personal Coaching

There really is nothing that can compare to having a professional coach personally guide you. Most people enjoy the luxury of having someone explain what and how to do something. With your own personal coach, you can witness that same person demonstrating the proper technique as well as having them observe and critique your golf swing.

-More Free Time

With a personal coach, you do not need to read any books or watch any videos. Your coach will provide you with all the basic information that will enable you to develop a great golf swing.  Thus, your free time is spent practicing on the course rather than doing preparatory work.

-Develop Bad Habits

Understand that you can also develop some bad habits if you do not continue to review your techniques. It is your responsibility to continue to analyze your golf swing.


Many people desire to play golf and, more importantly, want to improve their golf game. The Simple Golf Swing system is ultimately one of the best programs you will find. Despite the fact that there are a number of other products on the market today, this program has a number of individuals who have reported positive results from the program.

Everything you could possibly need or want in a golf swing program is available in this system. You do need to be prepared to do some reading as well as watch several videos in order to improve your golf skills.  These types of programs are becoming very popular with people especially if they are new to a particular sport. In addition, a program like this will help jump-start your entrance to the sport at a reasonable cost.

If you are looking for a golf swing program that offers a variety of materials to assist with improving your golf skills, this golf swing basic program may be your best option.

Have fun and enjoy your golf game!

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